Very opposite sexes watch online

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Currently working its way through review, the new study looks at how players interact with male and female avatars of different levels of attractiveness.

"Indeed, men who do not behave in a traditionally masculine manner in online games are often socially punished by being denigrated with homophobic slurs or terms implying a lack of manhood." It is fair to say that we live in an age when gender expectations, like those demonstrated by the Call of Duty players, are being challenged more vociferously and widely than ever before.

Faced with reason and evidence, there comes a time when all but the most bigoted fools (and admittedly, there are a lot of those) must ask themselves if their behavior patterns, in games or outside them, can reasonably be described as fair-minded.

Is it possible that negative assumed behaviors, once challenged in games, might also be challenged outside games?

"I would like to believe that a lot of people who exhibited these behaviors did not even know it," said Ivory.

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We were studying people in their natural environment," he explained.

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