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growing number of exotic destination seeking travelers are stealing away to Eastern Europe.Packed with all of the Allure of the UK, France or Italy Eastern Europe arguably offers cities rich in culture and medieval architecture with just as much grandeur as Western European destinations.Eat at Nidos Seklycia Skopje is amid Europe’s most diverse and compelling capital cities.It is an eclectic blend of Christian and Islamic cultures.Colorful wooden cottages and bright boats in the harbor add to natural beauty that dominates here.White sand beaches are a short hike through pine forest from Nida.The palace is the heart of the city, It is a lively maze of streets filled with people, restaurants, bars and shops. The island, covered mostly in dense Mediterranean forest, sprinkled with vineyards, farms and tiny villages is the epitome of tranquility. With its pristine salt-water lakes and staggering density of vegetation, it is truly an unspoiled oasis.

A social vibe pervades the city, locals play chess in the parks and the city comes alive at night as people flock to cafes and bars to enjoy music and conversation.

Tourism is definitely starting to build in this corner of the world.

Here are 25 amazing places you should visit in Eastern Europe.

It offers genuine local holiday specialties including delicious mulled wine that shouldn’t be missed.

Exquisite Nida is the primary settlement on Lithuania’s side of the Curonian Spit.

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