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Haneke’s earliest feature films were the German-language , is based on the true story of a Hamburg couple who, for no ostensible reason, told their friends and family they were “emigrating” and then destroyed all their possessions and killed themselves and their young daughter. ’ but rather: ‘How do I show the vis-à-vis violence and its portrayal?

center on two clean-cut young men and the family they randomly select to torture and kill for amusement. This reproving attitude toward the viewer is at the center of Haneke’s work. ’” Haneke seems the opposite of Quentin Tarantino, another director whose obsession with violence has become his signature.

In follows the host of a literary talk show as he receives a series of anonymous surveillance tapes of his home.

The son of his Algerian childhood servants surfaces as a suspect and then slits his own throat; tapes continue to arrive.

We might call it “sadomodernism.” filmmakers did not invent shock, nor violence, nor the self-conscious complicity of the director or viewer in producing them.

They sit down to celebrate the realization with espresso at the Angelika Café. ” Haneke has often said, referring to the unhappy ending of , that he aims “to rape the spectator into autonomy.” He abuses his audience in order to make us self-aware and liberate us from bad habits.

Critics have mostly taken him at his word, repeating the sleight of rhetoric that conflates the act of analyzing and violating movie conventions with bashing in the skull of an animal, or raping and beating a woman.

In 2007, Haneke accepted Hollywood money to remake .

The film presents a series of brutal crimes committed in an German village just before the First World War, which, as the schoolteacher who narrates the film suggests, “may clarify some things that happened later.” He is clearly referring to the Nazi rise to power, which will take place as the children who are the prime suspects come of age.

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