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Everything was arranged for us, starting from the air travel , the hotel booking and transportation.

Women Travelers in Iran Women Safety in Iran Iran is a safe country and many women travel to Iran alone without facing any issues.

Tourists are generally encouraged to dress conservatively when going through the Middle East; however clothing standard is a precarious thing with regards to Iran.

For example, 10 cm above the knee is an acceptable length for a manteau. In fact, women’s clothing has great variety in form and color in Iran.According to the Islamic rules, women must cover all parts of their body (and hair) except face and hands.Religious women in Iran prefer to wear chador which is a black gown covering from top to the toe.But wearing Capri pants be avoided as they are too short. Sandals & painted nails Open toes and sandals are just fine for both men and women, especially in summer. We offer best quality hotels while keeping the price as low as possible.Painted nails on your fingers or your toes, is also OK. Indoors Clothing What was mentioned above is only to outside and public appearance; feel free to wear whatever you like in case you get invited to an Iranian house. Some cities in Iran such as Kerman, Yazd, Kermanshah, and Kashan are more conservative, so lower the tone cautiously. Places like mosques and shrines require full covering.

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