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Or you may save yourself wasted years and a lot of heartache. You can, however, maximize each and every second you spend.Lifehack's mission is to help you make enormous gains with the limited time you have.Ask yourself this: Could you enjoy a day cleaning out the garage or attic with your partner?If the answer is yes, you’re in the right relationship. Sometimes you’ll feel adventurous, sometimes he will.I take food seriously, and walking around in the grocery story planning our meals and trying new things is really fun.Even a day of errands and chores can be fun if you’re with the right person.You’re in the right relationship when you are impressed with how much your partner values protecting your secrets. That’s how I first realized my wife and I had some work to do with regards to being a good team. If you and your partner are already making a good team, you’re in the right relationship.

Either way, read on for 15 telltale signs it’s the real deal. It took us nearly four years of marriage to really find things that we both like, but we’re starting to hit a great stride with things like working out together, mountain biking, playing paintball (yep, she loved it! When you’re in the right relationship, your partner understands that there are things you want to do alone. We all need time to do our own things, and the right relationship is one in which both partners understand and appreciate that about each other.Some of my friends are in relationships where they only have couple friends. When you’re in the right relationship, you find balance between your social circle, your partner’s, and your shared circle. And you appreciate each other more for maintaining your self-identity.Missing any of those three elements may be a sign of concern. In the right relationship both partners are nurtured to continuously improve and develop their “self.”One of the easiest ways to know if you’re in the right relationship is to pay attention to the feedback you get from friends and family. But what separates our disagreements from others I’ve seen is that we do it respectfully. It’s a back and forth of improving one’s self through the inspiration of the other.And while not everything lasts forever, partners who share a vision for what their future entails are in a much better position than partners who don’t, or worse, don’t even discuss the topic. That attraction is probably the first thing that motivated the pursuit of a relationship. Is she the kind of person whose joy will shine through when her face shows her age? Are you diligent about protecting your partner’s privacy?You’re in the right relationship when you’re just as excited about the late night conversations as you are about what happens between the sheets. This is a small, but very important issue that signifies the level of respect and value you hold for your partner.

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Do yourself a favor and really observe your relationship with a keen eye.

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