Sexy funkers video in ghana

USA] Digital Dungeon UGDD 1208 [NM/BS] (4 tr.) [BS] (Tribal House) (mint) 16 POSS16920 El Chato Medley Original -9 tr.- [12] 198x [1st Ed. ) (9 tr.) [P/S] (Medley) (Ambiance Explosive avec le Medley Original El Chato) (MU 104) (mint) 35 POSS07997 El Chicano Celebration [LP] 1972 [1st Ed. /VG ] (swirl lbl) (10 tr.) (Viva Tirado Otra Vez, Van Morrison: Brown-Eyed Girl) (Don Buday: Prod.) (Mfd. by MCA) POSS35379 El Chicano I'm in Love with -2 tr.- [12] 1984 [1st Ed. Michael Lewis, Laurin Rinder) (mint) (Dance Instr.) 20 POSS18175 El Coco Mondo Disco [LP] 1975 [1st Ed. Can.] AVI AVID 12-116 [VG /CC] (2 tr.) [CC] (P 1976 AVI, c 1976 Quality) (W. Versions) (s.1 NM / s.2 VG ) (Funky instr.) 25 POSS05387 El Coco Let's Get it Together [LP] 1976 [1st Ed.

Can.] RCA Victor LPM-2648 (M) [VG/VG] (black lbl, silver wr) (mono) (Long Play) [lbl in sl] (sleeve lil scuffed on top right) [lil back noise] (Play very well) 6.66 POSS14621 Duane Eddy Twangin Up a Storm [LP] 1963 [1st Ed. /P] [tw] (coe) (black lbl) (mono) (12 tr.) (Brenda) (Duane Eddy and The Rebels) (Distr.

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Can.] Podium PO-400 [EX/VG] (4 tr.) [P/S] (green lbl) (Claudio Simonetti) (w. Can.] CBS FS 90340 [VG /VG ] [lyrics ins] [credits in sl] [rw] (w.

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