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Dreamed of stardom: Wadsworth, a former nightclub dancer, was working as a seamstress in the theatre, when she met Tony Wadsworth in the late 1980s.

Together they cultivated a saucy 'Carry On' film-style image Risky sex: The court heard that the pair were spicing up their sex life by having 'outdoor hanky panky' sessions, having sex against a tree in full view of innocent children and luring them 'one at a time' to indulge their lurid fantasies'Tony Wadsworth popped in one day to hire a costume for a charity stunt he was organising and came away with more than he bargained for: a kindred spirit, co-presenter and ultimately, a wife!

Now, as the disgraced pair, who live in a £375,000 five-bedroom house in Broughton Astley, Leicestershire, with their cat Flossy, begin five year jail sentences each for a string of historic child sex offences, Mail Online can reveal the extent of which the couple's wholesome image was little more than a sham.

In fact, from the moment they first met, they both craved fame and fortune – although, presumably, not the infamy they now share.

He jumped to his feet, and that's when I realised what I'd done.

For two decades, they ruled the BBC airwaves, painting themselves as the 'Richard and Judy' of local radio and raising money for charities such as Children in Need.

In the beginning, award-winning host Tony Wadsworth, 69, anchored their show from the studio, with his wife Julie, 60, driving around in her 'radio car' reporting from local schools and village fetes.

The full depravity of their sordid double lives were laid bare during the six-week trial which heard how they 'spiced up their love lives' with alfresco sex with teenage boys.

Sex in the woods: Behind the scenes, the local celebrity married couple, who worked for BBC WM and Radio Leicester, were hiding a salacious secret – they indulged in sex sessions with underage children The fallen married couple, described as 'sexual predators', made love against a tree while teenage boys looked on, the court heard.

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