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Life behind closed doors is about to be revealed as suburban life takes a funny and dark turn.Season five episodes that have Stephen Sondheim song titles or lyric references as their show titles (Except where denoted): - 5.1 You're Gonna Love Tomorrow (Song Title From Follies).It's a win-win situation, because they get what they want and you get something that could be the best fuck you'll ever get.

- 5.5 Mirror Mirror (Lyric line from Who's That Woman? - 5.6 There's Always a Woman (Deleted song and later reinstated from Anyone Can Whistle). - 5.9 Me and My Town (Song title from Anyone Can Whistle). (Lyric line from Everybody's Got the Right To Be Happy from Assassins).

- 5.10 A Vision's Just a Vision (Lyric line from "Putting It Together from Sunday In the Park With George). - 5.13 The Best Thing That Ever Could Have Happened (Lyric line from Now You Know from Merrily We Roll Along).

- 5.11 Home Is The Place (Song written for Tony Bennett. - 5.14 Mama Spent Money When She Had None (Lyric line from Children and Art from Sunday In The Park).

- 5.23 Everyone Says Don't (Song title from Anyone Can Whistle Also used as the episode title for season two, episode eighteen).

5.24 If It's Only In Your Head (Lyric line from Putting It Together from Sunday In The Park).

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If you don't know anything about the online dating and if you haven't tried already to meet bored housewives, you may thing that it's kind of easy, but if you ask someone that has some experience in doing this, he'll surely tell you about how much they hide and how they don't want to admit that they look for a fuck buddy.

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  1. Bill K - Well, that's certainly one way to get Amy to finally lose the bush. ******** And speaking of in general, Esso posted a couple of stills from Grew Some Horror (credit to Ralphus for coming up with that one), 'um, I mean.... Doesn't look like Amber has beaver pelts pasted on her on this one (though hard to tell as the pics are pretty small, made worse by my Mr. I think it's the fact that the restraints are so functional, clearly intended to deliver pain to the girls genitals whilst the eye piece looks as though it penetrates to the optic nerve, plus the girl is so had gone on a bit longer and that we'd seen her captured, imprisoned, stripped, restrained a bit more, etc, etc, etc!!