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It was about 6 weeks since we were last out together, so it will be nice to actually get dressed up tonight. "Good grief, I thought the kids would never settle," I thought to myself! I only had about an hour to get ready." Conor was downstairs tidying the kitchen and making the place presentable for the sitter.

Conor cheekily responded with "If you want me to shave, then you have to shave too!

Author's note: I am a woman in my forties, and I write (in UK English) from that perspective. My sincere thanks to my three patient editors, Invincible Noir, dave_932688 and a friend. " I was shouting at my husband over the din of the three children that were running around the kitchen. " To which, I gave him a little squeeze on the bum.

But, despite their patient work, any typos or grammatical errors are my own. As a stay-at-home mom, I seemed to spend my days in track pants. I knew he loved a bare pussy and I had been neglecting my "lady garden" lately. ******* At about nine o'clock, I emerged from the last kid's bedroom bleary eyed and sleepy.

Thankfully he was showered already, so I had the bathroom to myself.

After a 20 minute "chemical in every crevice" shower I emerged hairless, moisturised, bleached, dyed, tanned and scrubbed! I really wanted to tease my hubby tonight and dress provocatively.

All the seats are set up in a U-shape with the TV and fireplace on the fourth wall.Her long lean legs were showcased in skinny black jeans paired with heeled ankle boots. As we chatted I could appreciate the sight of Peter's ass in front of me as he stood with his back to us at the bar getting the drinks. Most of our conversations to date revolved around the kids, current affairs and local gossip. "Plenty of tongue action and movement is always good" he answered, a little uncomfortably. "I never knew you liked your balls to be touched, Babe. " "Hahah, does that mean I am better at giving head than Paula? "I think it's your drinks round, Conor," I said as I smirked at him.We were all in our 40s and none of us were exactly athletes! While Paula and I had had "girl" chats about our favourite errotic stories or adult toys from the "joy drawer", the intimate talk with the hubbies present was new for us all. "..a hand on the balls or underneath-" "Oh fuck, yeahhhh.." Peter sighed. I knew he wouldn't be able to stand up without giving away his state of excitement.I could actually watch his facial expressions and see the pleasure there. It was one of those ideas that would have been dismissed immediately had I been sober! "I mean, I blow Peter and you blow Conor and get them to judge." "OH MY GOD, but you are a dirty bitch Kym!! "I'm up for it, if you are..the lads be on for it though? The two men were deep in conversation, and it didn't look like football talk either, as it seemed like they were both still covering hard-ons. Paula, of course, agreed immediately, knowing it was part of the plan!"I wonder which one of us gives the better blow job Paula? I hoped a little competition would result in a bit of husband swapping later. "Hehe, definitely me, of course," Paula bragged jokingly. We both need to blow the same guy and get him to be the judge." HA! As they had moved to the inside of the table in our absence, us girls sat on the outside. Once we were back in our place, with the kids still fast asleep and the sitter safely home, I brought out some beers for everyone.

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I noticed Paula's stare at my husband's package before he turned his back to her and walk to the bar. I was delighted to see he was in the same excited state as my hubby.

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