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When news of the scandal broke in 1963, the old sexual morality of the 1950s was only just giving way to a new permissiveness.The Cold War between Russia and the West was also at its height: Britain feared a Soviet nuclear attack as much as it deplored the emergent moral laxity.For those looking to get in on the scoop, here is a rundown of the men Mc Adams has had by her side so far: After Rachel and Taylor Kitsch’s breakup she was quickly seen together with Hollywood screenwriter Jamie Linden who is mostly famous as the writer of the 2006 film We Are Marshall.It is fair to say that Hollywood’s leading lady has an eye for the winners.Until then, she had shared her earnings — and there were substantial payments for her story from newspapers worldwide after the scandal broke; the News of the World paid her £21,000, a huge sum in the 1960s — with her mother and stepfather Ted.Three years ago she moved to Wales — she thought the sea air would improve the emphysema that plagues her — but she failed to settle, returned to London and bought the ‘virtually derelict’ flat that is now her home.The big news seems to be that Stephen Ward, the high-society osteopath who was also a mentor and father figure to Christine — and who introduced her to Profumo — was not a pimp, as the world has been led to believe all these years, but a spy working with Ivanov to send the West’s military secrets to Russia.

The idea — never substantiated — seems preposterous: Christine, as all who knew her at the time agreed, was far too naive and unsophisticated to be able to elicit State secrets from Profumo.Sex for Rachman was, she says, part of his daily life: ‘He would come round to the flat every afternoon and we would have sex. There was no romance, no foreplay.’Mandy went on to marry wealthy businessman Rafi Shauli and when I mention that she appears to be very well set-up, Christine puts her hands over her ears and says: ‘I don’t want to hear about her nightclubs and houses in the Bahamas.’ A relentless social climber, Ward rented a cottage on Lord Astor’s country estate, Cliveden in Buckinghamshire, where one balmy summer evening in July 1961, Christine was swimming naked in the pool when Astor and John Profumo strolled by.The venue was more memorable than the act: ‘I don’t remember the sex with Jack that much, other than it was furtive at first, increasingly pleasant, and all over before I knew it.They also attended boxing events at the Madison Square Garden. This has to come out of the Hollywood dating book; a tall, dark and rich music producer and a bombshell movie star with a love for the fine things in life.Their breathless chemistry was a subject of mass swooning around Hollywood and their relationship went on for a year.

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