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The courtship saw premiere dates, tropical getaways and splashy romantic gestures.Reps for both did not immediately return requests for comment. Gomez will be seen in next year’s Harmony Korine film “Spring Breakers” opposite James Franco.The simple truth is that they are both way too young to get married, that it was just a business arrangement, that it’s time for them to move on, and that it’s good that at least one of them had the common sense to say “Enough.” BTW, the two were genuine friends before they became a couple.Selena would like to go back to being friends, but Justin is pretty upset about the whole fiasco right now, and vacillates between wanting her back as a girlfriend…

As we told you in the blind, Justin asked Selena to marry him a few months ago. By the way, they have agreed to never, never, ever talk about the proposals!

She said “No.” We knew that he would ask her again. It would be far too damaging to his reputation if people found out that a smaller star turned down a bigger star!

They officially cited “scheduling difficulties” as the reason for the breakup, but Justin has not been a very convincing actor in making that explanation stick, and has been awkwardly stumbling around in interviews.

The problem spurred from the NFL's color rush campaign, an idea meant to celebrate the league's first televised game ever shown in color 50 years ago.

As part of the campaign, the teams wore mono-color uniforms with the Jets wearing top to bottom green and the Bills wearing all red.

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Several of the videos conveniently come with a soundtrack featuring vocals from both artists from their new song.

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