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While this is going on, Frind said he received a phone call from former Washington Post reporter Brian Krebs asking about the security breach.

Given that Krebs and Russo were friends on Facebook, Frind said he initially suspected that Krebs might in on the hack, but later reconsidered.

Several security measures, including forced password reset, had been imposed," POF said in a statement.

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Last year, Argentinian hackergroup Insilence, led by Russo, gained access to the database of the Pirate Bay.

Frind's account of the POF hack, however, is a bit more juicy - and weird.

If POF refused, the hackers said they would release the data to the press, the company said.

"The breach was sealed in minutes and the Plentyoffish team had spent several days testing its systems to ensure no other vulnerabilities were found.

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